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Formal Training for Agents of Change

Mobilizing change agents to influence the destiny of nations

through leadership training.

As one progresses through vision, it expands and narrows down all at the same time. Over the past year, the vision of “leading to transform culture and influence change through intentional leadership training” has continued to progress and develop into what it is today.

Over the past seven years many have attended the Rediscovering The Kingdom Retreat in Naples. During this time many resources were developed and launched, including the School of Influence for Agents of Change E-course. In January of 2017, the Agents of Change Symposium was added and the Agents For Change movement was introduced. This progression of events has made it evident that we have advanced to the implementation phase of the vision.


As we advance in the vision, we will no longer hold the Rediscovering the Kingdom Retreat. Moving forward the vision will progress through the Agents of Change Symposium which has been moved to June 2018. At this pivotal time in history, leaders continue to be bankrupt of ideas and the disillusionment of the youth continues to increase. It is time for people of integrity to stand up and initiate change in the systems that govern society. It is time for true Kingdom minded citizens to influence the nations with time-tested principles.

A call is going out to anyone that has a desire to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. If you want your life to count for something bigger than yourself then join us in Naples, Florida this coming summer -  January 12-13, 2024. You can partner with the team of Kingdom Community Int. as we continue planning, preparing, and operating for the vision. In addition to leadership training by Trista Sue Kragh, there will be specific break-out sessions and workshops facilitated by special guests and the KCI team. 

Leadership is not age specific . . . . the next generation is also searching for change. If your vision is to empower, inspire and impact the next generation, the KCI Next Generation team will host an interactive workshop for youth advocates, youth workers, and youth leaders which will focus on programs developed for the next generation. This workshop will provide you the tools to bring a generational impact to your community.


Who is this for?

  1. You are serious about completeing your God given assignment.

  2. You know what you were born to do, and realize it is bigger than you. 

  3. If you desire to serve your gift towards the corporate vision of transforming culture and influencing change through leadership training. Every gift is equally important towards the vision. 

What this is:

  1. Intentional leadership training.

  2. Bringing your gifting and credibility to the table of the corporate vision.

  3. Refining your vision even more.

  4. Joining other agents of change. 

What this isn't:

  1. This is not a conference.

  2. We are not building an army or doing warfare. God's army are the hosts of angels - not his sons and daughters. 

  3. This is not a place to discover your purpose and vision. You are to already know what you were born to do and have a plan to do it. If you don't, you can start your journey to discover it here.


  1. You must complete a minimum of Courses 1-3 of the School of Influence for Agents of Change which includes the recommended reading and homework assignments for each unit. 

  2. You must view the 2016 and 2017 Rediscovering The Kingdom Retreat videos (if you did not attend or participate via live streaming).

  3. You must view the 2017 Symposium videos (if you did not attend).

  4. You must answer the five most important questions and submit your purpose and documented life vision to the office by April 1, 2018.  A submission form for these requirements will be e-mailed to you upon completion of registration.  

  5. You must be committed and dedicated to your life vision.

Join the corporate vision as we lead to influence

and transform culture together.

We are looking for a dedicated people skilled in all areas of society to influence:

Political - Government

Judicial - Law

Economic - Money

Business - Commerce

Education - Training

Social - Relationships

Arts - Entertainment

Media - Mental Influence

Health - Quality of life

Recreation - Sport 

                               $170/single, $245/couple


                                                                         Jan 1, 2024


                                                                  April 1, 2018 


                       Jan 12-13, 2024

                      9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



                                                          Hyatt House 

                                                          1345 5th Ave S,

                                                          Naples, Fl 34102

                                                          (239) 775-1000

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