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Discover Yourself & Make a Difference

In Your Generation

The School of Influence for Agents of Change™ mentorship program consists of a series of video-learning eCourses specifically created to guide you through two strategic levels:

Success and Significance

Developed by Trista Sue Kragh, the author of Figure It Out, this mentorship program was designed to teach you how to take control of your life, your environment,

and initiate the change you want to see in society.

This program will help you discover your true identity, pinpoint your purpose, and document your life vision. This will create a road map to guide you towards your God-given destiny

and become an influencer for the Kingdom of God and a true agent of change. 

Also available for group study

Optional upgrade: Interactive Mentorship

Course Features


 - 100% self-paced - Take this course anytime, anywhere, on any device, or as a group

- Private Student Workbook

- Meet other students taking the course in the Private Group Discussions

- Exclusive video lectures featuring course instructor, Trista Sue Kragh

- Loaded with assessments and downloadable resources

- Optional Interactive mentorship available via a Leadership Empowerment Coach for upcharge

Group Study Curriculum Kits Available



Ages 10-18

Level One: Discovery of True Success

  Course #1    The Identity Issue

  • Ignorance Makes the world go around

  • Father to all

  • Dominion Mandate

  • What’s Your Excuse

  • The Lion Within

  • Blame Game

  • What Are you thinking?


Course #2    Pinpointing Your Purpose

  • Power of Potential

  • Pinpointing Your Purpose


Course #3   Power & Process of Vision

  • Living from Vision

  • Process of Preparation for Vision

  • 7 requirements of Vision 

  • Power of Proper Planning

  • Priority of Goals


Level Two: Principles of True Success

Course #1  Keys to Personal Success

  • Safest Place on Earth

  • 10 Keys to Personal Success

  • Protecting your Life

  • Power of Seasons & Change


Course #2    Kingdom Economics & Business      Principles

  • Economy System of the Kingdom 

  • 4 principles of Business Success & Benefits of Crisis 

  • You Inc., (Discovering Your Business Gift + Deployment)

  • Priority of Pursuit

  • Key to True & Sustainable Growth 

  • Purpose of Resources

  • Currency of the Kingdom 

Created to mentor youth who are discovering their identity, their place in this world and want to make a difference in their generation!

Level One: Who am I? Where am I from? - Identity

Level Two: Why am I Here? What Can I Do? - Purpose & Potential

Level Three: Where am I Going? - Vision

Level Four: Why am I a Good Leader? What Do I Stand For? - Leadership & Character

Level Five: Who Can I Influence? How Can I Change The World? - Influence


If you're ready to live a successful and significant life,

the School of Influence program will help you take the first step.


Take control of your life and your environment - 

it's time to initiate the change you want to see in society.

Meet the Course Instructor


Trista Sue Kragh, a hotelier and author, served as a trustee and mentee of the late Dr. Myles Munroe. She traveled with Dr. Munroe to many nations meeting with government officials.


Trista Sue operates the Bayfront Inn in Naples, Florida, utilizing her twenty years of hotel experience as an international business and leadership speaker. She recently opened her own office with the focus to expand the mentorship and leadership training with the vision of:


“Leading to transform culture and influence change through

intentional leadership training"


Trista Sue Kragh recently launched her first book Figure it Out which can be purchased on




"This Course is great for everyone...!"


This Course is great for everyone who wants to discover their purpose and use eternal tools and strategies to manifest it. Trista's teaching is clear, concise, and straight forward, which makes it easy to implement. I enjoy every part of the training and watch it transform me into an agent of change! 

- Karen K.

"They are truly life changing."


Thank you so much for offering these courses. They are truly life changing. I am so happy that Trista was able to mentor with Dr. Munroe and that his legacy will continue.

- Donna B.

"I am delighted to say that this experience has impacted me greatly."


I am delighted to say that this experience has impacted me greatly. I am more aware of my purpose and my identity. I am excited about my future and the journey am on to satisfaction and fulfillment

- Melissa C.

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