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Kingdom Community International

Advancing the Kingdom of God one house, business, park, and coffee shop at a time. Our generation is longing for spiritual mothers and fathers that will help them discover their purpose, vision and true potential. To accomplish this, discipleship is necessary and only possible in an environment of authentic, simple and transparent relationships.



I have heard from many who desire to connect with other like-minded community leaders, as well as those who desire to make a change in their nation with the Kingdom of God.


Therefore, I have created two platforms for you to choose from in this regard, where I will facilitate 2 - 3 zoom calls a year to provide support and connect one another internationally. 

1. Community Support: Those of you who already have started and are leading a community and/or initiative/organization to create change in your nation. 

2. Community Development: Those of you who desire to create and lead a community/environment/initiative for change and bringing people together. 


To join the next community support or development zoom call, please click on the link below to indicate your desire

-Trista Sue

For those who desire to start a community and connect with KCI, please take the first few steps for proper understanding of what this means by viewing the videos below before proceeding to inquiry form. 
Step 1: Watch video on the Vision of KCI
Step 2: Watch video on Principles of Mentorship
Step 3: Watch video on Understanding the Power & Protection of Authority
Step 4: Fill out inquiry form for further
correspondence regarding starting an Kingdom Community
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