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Training Opportunities


Join us in Naples, Florida for the annual Symposium specifically designed for developing leaders to influence change. Become yourself in paradise!


Venue: Naples Bay Resort


  • Agents of Change Symposium            Jan 13 - 14, 2023   

  • Leadership training & workshops designed to assit you in engaging & refining your personal vision with the corporate vision

  • Join others as we teach the principles and intensive training in authentic leadership

Webinars & Livestreaming

 Trista Sue teaches on practical principles and the original truth as taught in the Bible.


Follow us on your favorite social media platform for livestreams & webinar updates




Livestreams and confereneces are archived for your convenience on

Trista Sue's YouTube Page


2010 - 2014 Livestreaming events are archived on our Ustream channel Naples Embassy.


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Elearning Courses

E-learning for Agents of Change with optional interactive mentorship combined to develop the leader & potential that is trapped inside.

Available for Group Learning 


You have the option for self-paced e-courses online or Agents For Change App, as well as our 1 year virtual program with zoom classes as you connect with others as you learn and grow together. 


Life Coaching

The Leadership Empowerment Team have sat under the tutelage of Dr. Myles Munroe and Trista Sue Kragh in Naples, Florida. They have been trained in time-tested principles and are certified life coaches.


Our team of leaders are ready to assist those that desire interactive continual  mentorship or a life coaching session. You may request a leader or we will match one for you.


There is a cost associated with this program.

Now Available


Youth Mentorship Program

Ages 10 - 18

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